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Create a new project

Projects help you organize your resources(like servers, volumes, images) in groups for different purposes (like testing, staging, production, etc.)

Each user already has a default project, you can create a new project in 3 simple steps.

Click the dropdown at the top left of the dashboard that shows the name of the current project. (in this case, the project name is "Default")

Cloudify Dashboard

Click on "Create Project"(ro. “Creează Proiect”)

Projects menu

In the Create Project window enter the name of the new project then click on Create Project(ro. “Creează Proiect”)

Project creation window

After creating the project you will be redirected to the Funds(ro. “Fonduri”) page to activate the project.

After create a new project

To activate the project you can follow the steps here: Activate your account

Updated on: 07/05/2021

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