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Generate application credentials for project

To generate application credentials, the project must have access to the API Access link in the dashboard menu (Project category).

If there is no API access link in the dashboard menu, you need to create a new project by following the steps here: Create project
If you are creating a new project, the project must be active, to activate the project follow the steps here: Activate your account

Go to the API Access page and then click the Create Application Credential button

API Access page

Fill in the name and description, then click the Create Application Credential button

Creation window

After creating the application credentials, click Download the openrc file.

After generate

Download the openrc file

Download openrc file

To access the openstack CLI you must have the client installed on your host.
To install the openstack client follow the steps here: Install the OpenStack client

To use the generated credentials run the command source <openrc_file>
List all images: openstack image list

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Updated on: 07/05/2021

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